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About Us

The Maintenance Guys was started in 2006 by brothers Stuart and Warwick Shearer.

We grew up watching our father pull apart and repair car engines, boat motors, washing machines and anything else that broke around the house.

After finishing technical school, Stuart completed 2 years military service in the Navy, running the workshop on board a Naval ship.
Warwick travelled overseas working on building sites in the Florida Keys and for a painter/decorator in Maine.

After working and travelling abroad we both settled in New Zealand where Stuart completed a joinery apprenticeship. We have been steadily growing the business and specializing in the Auckland CBD market.

Meet the Team


Warwick is the co-founder of The Maintenance Guys. Oversees our daily operations, administrations and guides pivotal decisions. A passionate motorbike enthusiast, he delights in exploring scenic routes on weekends astride his beloved bike.


Stuart, co-founder of The Maintenance Guys, brings his expertise as a certified joiner, offering comprehensive knowledge in our field and serving as your trusted advisor for repairs. He enjoys fishing in his free time.

ANGELAProject Manager

Angela manages our renovation projects, handling both administrative tasks and project oversight. She is dedicated to fostering clear communication among customers, team members, and subcontractors, ensuring everyone's satisfaction and successful projects.

JARBRenovation Administrator

Our newest addition to the office team. She's your first point of contact for all new renovation inquiries and handles the daily administrative tasks with precision and efficiency. Her contributions have quickly established her as a valuable member of our team.

AMIEOffice Manager

Amie is the powerhouse behind all things admin and accounts, ensuring seamless operations and meticulous financial management. Her enthusiasm and dedication make her an invaluable asset to our team, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied clients.

MIRIAMOffice Administrator

She’s our office señorita who handles scheduling maintenance appointments and enjoys collaborating with our clients and tenants. Miriam is delightful to work with and adept at resolving all job scheduling issues.

HANNAHOffice Administrator

As the youngest team member at The Maintenance Guys, Hannah brings a fresh perspective and vibrant energy to our office. Not only excels in delivering exceptional customer service but also spearheads the management of maintenance job schedules and inquiries.

CLIVERenovation Team

Clive is our skilled renovation team member, boasting two years of expertise with us at The Maintenance Guys. With a proven track record in supervising construction projects, he plays a vital role in ensuring our renovations excel.

MARKRenovation Team

Mark brings extensive expertise as a certified builder in both residential and commercial projects. With his wealth of knowledge, he ensures the highest standards are met in every aspect of building and renovation work, contributing significantly to the success of our projects.

MICHAELRenovation Team

Our multi-talented all-round guy, with background in crafting wood furniture, he brings a unique skill set to our projects. Michael's craftsmanship and dedication make him an invaluable asset to our team. Outside of work, he enjoys spending his free time playing golf.

BRANDONRenovation Team

Brandon is a qualified carpenter with more than 7 years’ experience in residential carpentry and joinery. His passion for high level joinery and cabinetry makes him a perfect new addition to our renovation team.

LANCESenior Maintenance Team

Lance’s invaluable years of experience and knowledge make him our go-to person to ask about complicated damage repairs. It is fair to say that there’s nothing Lance doesn’t know about Auckland CBD Apartments Repairs. Outside of work, he enjoys bowling.

BRIANMaintenance Team

Brian's expertise as a handyman ensures excellent service, and we can always rely on him to promptly address any issues. When he's not hard at work, Brian enjoys fishing and can often be found on the golf course.

CHRISMaintenance Team

Chris recently joined our maintenance team. Despite his brief tenure, he has already demonstrated a diverse skill set in repairing various aspects of Auckland properties. A proficient communicator, he consistently ensures our clients' satisfaction with his work.

MATIASMaintenance Team

Matias, our newest addition to the maintenance team, brings with him a background in the construction field. He is enthusiastic about contributing his valuable skills to the company.

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